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4G / Wifi / Bluetooth / GPS / NFC
6.43’’ AMOLED
8GB / 128 GB
160 x 73 x 8 mm
Double SIM, Front Camera, USB-C
4000 mAh
2 years

LvL 50 : No Compromise

Best Privacy Phone.

The choice is the key.

With the LvL 50, you have the best privacy phone and a public phone. (because you are star). The private phones protects your data and your trustworthy apps.

The public phone regroups all the other apps that do not deserve your trust and may want to access your personal information. Therefore we locked them and put them under surveillance in a safe isolated space. 

When you use them, a filter is activated and send wrong data about your phone (i.e. location, IP address, the other app and accounts on your phone, etc.)

You share only the data you want to share.


Turn them off. For real.

The most secure smartphone. You have the possibility to switch off the microphone, the GPS, the camera and the network card by a simple click.

No more app will be able to access it. 

When you click on the red button of the remote, it turns your TV in sleep mode, when you plug off the power cable, you turn it off.

With this functionality, you can turn off your hardware in depth to gain a full control on your smartphone.


A mirror of yourself.

Your CosmicOS allows you to deeply custom the look and the functionalities of your phone. You can change your menus, the design, the colors, the icons and the shortcuts. You also have the choice of preset parameters.

Your phone can be your personal coach, an extension of yourself, the good voice inside your head. We provide retro futurist environment, minimalist or traditional. Activate the custom mode and have fun.

CosmicOS LvL 50


Made for you only

You are at the center of the design, not your data. We don’t collect any data ! Never!
We also added features to avoid other apps collecting your private information.
Because we believe that you are not the product but the future of humanity.


You are the Captain

You can choose to customize everything on the phone : from the launcher menu to the shortcuts and the privacy settings, a wonderful parental control. You are free to design your own experience.

But don’t worry, we also have prepared some preconfigured settings to facilitate your journey.


You are not alone

We prepared a special magical app bundle just for you. Instead of the usual advertisement oriented package you receive with your new phone, we only pre-install some very useful safe and selected apps to help you in your everyday journey to a safer digital life.

For example, we recommend app for storing your password or doing the double authentication, or simply a powerful and privacy oriented email client.

These app are light, highly compatible, safe and privacy oriented like everything should be.


No backdoor, no leak, no flaw. We purified the system to make it faster, lighter and greater. Your battery will last longer and the lifespan of the phone is extended.
We made no concession for your safety and your freedom.

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