Yes you did !

Unless you have the best privacy phone on the market, every time you connect to the internet you are observed, and maybe even judged, who knows? I’m talking about cookies.

Long story short, cookies are small spies that follow you when you connect to a web page. Their primary role is to facilitate our navigation, keeping in memory some of our data, for example: the websites you have visited, our logins and even passwords. So if you come back to the same site you don’t need to rewrite everything.

Great or disturbing?

Actually, both! Some cookies do improve the user experience, making it more personalized, but the reality is a bit different. Most of the time, “third-party tracking cookies” are added.

Imagine that tomorrow, when you wake up, 5 random people follow you absolutely everywhere, a bit like your phone. You go to work, to the gym, go shopping, have a drink with friends, a conversation with your therapist, your doctor. It was an ordinary day for you but you were stalked all the time.

How much information do you think these 5 people have learned about you, in one day? How much of these data would you rather have kept for yourself? Whatever, you go to sleep, tomorrow is another day.

The next morning these 5 people are still there, in front of your bed but this time, they have invited friends, and they all want to talk to you. They suggest you ways to get to work faster, show you a restaurant that makes your favourite food and tell you to train a bit more if you want to stay healthy.

Anyway you hardly listen to them and you start your normal week day. After your job, you meet your best friend, hang out, walk in the street and end up in your favourite bar. Interestingly your friend is also followed by 5 people. But it is okay because they stay behind your chair so they don’t take much space.

But while you are discussing shopping with your friend, they keep interrupting your conversation to inform you that a store is having a promotion on an item and another has bad reviews. It is bothering you but however, it is hard to tell them to stop because they do not really listen.

Finally it is Friday (my dudes), the last day of a long working week, and you wake up as usual at 7am with your strident alarm. The 5 stalkers are still here. They were actually taking notes of your sleeping behaviour, in case you wanted to increase the productivity of your nights. They start giving you tips, they have recorded your snores and finally, they purchase a fancy device to help you sleep. The bill ? It is ok, this one is free as long as you keep it activated during the nights.

You have received the sleeping device, you have reviewed your favourite bar, you have posted your daily status online, it was a good evening, you don’t go home alone. And what now? Would you really make love in front of these voyeurs? Because, yeah, they can help you with some tips, toys and fancy pills. But you’re not done. They will push some of the best-reviewed-food down your throat and they will leave you empty-headed. You will vote for their party and eventually give up your last boundaries.

I’ll stop here.

Cookies bring in information that brings in money.

We are the product. This must change.