This is our ranking of the Cosmic Dolphins: LvL 50 in comparison with other OSs:

  1. Cosmic Dolphins: LvL 50
  2. Lineage OS (without google): LvL 40
  3. Apple IOS: LvL 31
  4. Android OS: LvL 29


Android OS: LvL 29

Positives: Open source system, so flaws are scanned and fixed quickly. The closer you use a phone
to the “pure” Android version, the faster you will get security updates.

Negatives: Google takes all your information. If it’s used by another manufacturer like Samsung,
Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi etc. the manufacturers also take your data, and all of them resell your
information to third parties.
Users can install almost anything and thus put themselves in a situation to be hacked.
The system is installed on the vast majority of phones in the world, so it will be more easily targeted
by hackers since there are more potential targets.

Apple IOS: LvL 31

Positive: The operating system does not allow the user to install anything that has not been
validated by Apple (a law has been passed in Europe and Apple will soon be forced to let the user
install applications that have not passed their “scanner”).
The system is used on fewer devices so it won’t necessarily be the primary target of hackers.

Negatives: Apple makes a point of not letting anyone else take your data, it’s to be able to better use
and sell them, they know absolutely everything, except that their system is closed so we can’t see
anything they do.
The system is completely closed, so the flaws take longer to be found and fixed.

Lineage OS (without google): LvL 40

Positives: No Google, no Apple. A simple, efficient and open source system. Few phones offer it so
it is not a priority target for hackers. Updates are offered very regularly.

Negatives: You don’t have access to your usual applications. You have to install it yourself on a
phone so if it is compromised at the hardware level, the user could not realize it. Not very easy to
install for the uninitiated. If the user does not install the OS correctly, additional vulnerabilities are
created. For example, in case the bootloader is not locked after installation, this could be a security
hole (for the initiated).

Cosmic Dolphins: LvL 50

Positives: No Apple. There are Google applications but they are installed directly in the safe box,
apart in the phone. All the info that Google collects and the apps from the Playstore are fake. All the
applications that are not considered trustworthy are directly installed in this safe box. The system is
open source.

Negatives: As far as the user can install applications linked to Google, he can voluntarily give his
private data and therefore remains a security hole.

Based on user reviews, our experience and expertise.