The Cosmic Dolphins SA

The Cosmic Dolphins Corporation is built on core values of freedom, love,
and tenacity that give us the strength to pursue our goal of putting
technology back into the hands of people.

We strongly believe that freedom of speech and free access to information are rights that must be protected.

We will continue to fight for these rights as long as big tech companies continue to exploit user data in this digital gold rush. Finally, The Cosmic Dolphins is not just a company, but a
movement. It started with us, and it will continue with you.

The Cosmic Dolphins is based in Switzerland, a country renowned for its cybersecurity and privacy-oriented services.

The story began in December 2021 when a team united around an incredible idea and core values embarked on an extraordinary adventure: to offer a high-quality phone and develop technology that protects privacy and respects the user.

We quickly understood why so few had tried, given the difficulty of the task. However, we found allies, persevered, and today, we proudly announce that we have succeeded.

We are the first Swiss-made smartphone company to offer a secure phone that allows you to use your favorite applications.

Our Swiss quality is for users around the world. The Cosmic Dolphins swim against the tide and do not collect any data.

We prioritize privacy, security, and personalization. We keep the sharks away!